• SBE21 conference spotlights historic NZEBs

    SBE21 conference spotlights historic NZEBs

    The SBE21 Heritage conference in mid-April involved a deep exchange of ideas between researchers, architects and practitioners about how to reduce the energy consumption of historic buildings while retaining their aesthetic features and cultural significance. The main contributors to the...
  • Three SDH plants under development in Croatia

    Three SDH plants under development in Croatia

    District heating operators in Croatia have shown great interest in solar energy. Under the auspices of an EU-funded two-and-a-half-year project called KeepWarm, three feasibility studies on solar district heating (DH) ventures are currently underway in the country, whereas endeavours in the...
  • Guidelines on how to assess renewable district heat potential

    Guidelines on how to assess renewable district heat potential

    As district heat will be one of the key pillars of a decarbonised heat sector, authorities, utilities and energy service providers are eager to explore the opportunities that local sources of clean energy could provide for the DH market. To this end, a consortium led by consultancy Ambiente...
  • Slovenia: Falling sales despite funding increase

    Slovenia: Falling sales despite funding increase

    In February, Slovenia adopted its Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan, intending to make buildings across the country carbon neutral by 2050. As a next step, the southeast European country is planning to cut energy consumption by 35 % by 2030 and, at the same time, raise the share...
  • Chart: Task 58

    Compact thermal energy storage: research in cycles

    Research into compact thermal energy storage is made difficult by the fact that the performance of storage materials depends significantly on their intended purpose. For example, storage tanks that are integrated into space heating systems are made of materials different from those used to...
  • Photo: Consolar

    Consolar marks 25 years of efficient solar thermal solutions

    On 20 September, German-based solar system supplier Consolar celebrated its 25th anniversary in Frankfurt, with a special guest in attendance to mark the occasion: Hans Josef Fell, President of the Energy Watch Group, a global network of scientists and parliamentarians. The...
  • Support for renewable district heating in Slovenia

    Support for renewable district heating in Slovenia

    Following a break of 1.5 years, Slovenia will tender out more work for renewable district heating systems this month. Previous invitations in 2016 and 2017 led to the launch of 23 projects, 15 of which have been completed and eight are still ongoing. The infrastructure ministry, which made...
  • App-controlled solar thermal equipment

    App-controlled solar thermal equipment

    Even though the European market for solar thermal controllers has become more diverse over the last years, the number of suppliers has remained the same, a market survey has found. Created by German research institute Fraunhofer ISE, the document has recently been made available online (see...
  • Online database on advanced PCMs

    Online database on advanced PCMs

    Compared to water, phase change materials (PCMs) offer more capacity to store heat in tanks. As a consequence, researchers in all corners of the world have been developing new materials and their properties. To ensure the employment of a shared methodology and the use of equivalent terms to...
  • “Excellent material for sorption-based solar energy storage”

    “Excellent material for sorption-based solar energy storage”

    Microporous hydrophilic substances such as zeolites are recognised as promising materials for very efficient energy storage. Solar thermal systems are used to dry the material and store all of the thermal energy inside without losses until water is returned into the structure to release...
  • Danube River

    Renewable heat projects along Danube River

    DanubeHeat helps small and medium enterprises, research and educational institutions, and public agencies draft EU funding applications. Financially supported by the German education ministry and coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE based in Freiburg, Germany...
  • Slovenia: Renewable District Heating Scheme 2017 - 2020

    The Ministry of Infrastructure launched a grant scheme for renewable sources in district heating in June 2017. You can apply for a subsidy of up to 35 % of the investment costs if you are a large company, 45 % if you are medium size and 55 % if you fall into the category of small and micro. CHP...

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