Czech Ministry of the Environment

  • Czech Republic: Environment Ministry Proposes New Subsidy Scheme

    Now, the debate in the Czech Republic is about whether to revive the national subsidy scheme. In November 2012, the Czech Minister of Environment, Tomáš Chalupa, introduced a draft for a so-called Nová Zelená Úsporám or New Green Savings...

  • Czech Republic: Rescue Plan to fill Budget Gaps

    In autumn of 2010, it became clear that the budget of the Czech subsidy programme Zelena Usporam (Green Savings) lacks about Czech Koruny CZK 8 billion (EUR 329 million). The Minister of Environment, Tomáš Chalupa, published a press release at the end of April 2011, describing how to...

  • Czech Republic: Subsidy Programme postponed further

    The Czech subsidy programme “Zelena Usporam” will not be relaunched as planned at the beginning of February 2011. Why? Because during the last week before the halt of the programme in October 2010, the Ministry of Environment received 10,425 applications, which was much more than...

  • Czech Republic: Emission Trading Revenues extend Incentive Programme

    Signed in July by Rut Bizkova, the Czech Republic's Environment Minister, and Yasuhiro Shimizu, Japanese Executive Director of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, the new supplement to an emission trading contract leads to improvements in the Green Savings...


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