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  • Support for renewable district heating in Slovenia

    Following a break of 1.5 years, Slovenia will tender out more work for renewable district heating systems this month. Previous invitations in 2016 and 2017 led to the launch of 23 projects, 15 of which have been completed and eight are still ongoing. The infrastructure ministry, which made...
  • South Korea supports District Energy in Cities Initiative

    Korean District Heating Corporation (KDHC) is one of the world’s largest district heating companies and serves over 1.5 million customers in South Korea. Now, it is also advising cities elsewhere on how to make the most of low-carbon heat networks. “Currently, we are developing a renewable...
  • Denmark: “Solar District Heating is a Big Part of Our Industry’s future”

    While the solar thermal industry has had a difficult time in several EU countries, the solar district heating (SDH) community is still growing: 180 participants from the EU, South Korea and China attended the 4th International Solar District Heating Conference, which was held at quite the...
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    Top District Heating Countries – Euroheat & Power 2015 Survey Analysis

    Solar district heating has enjoyed increasing attention from all across Europe and China, triggered by Denmark’s enormous growth rates in the field. Until the end of last year, the Scandinavian country had seen 577 MW of solar thermal power fed into 79 district heating networks mostly run...
  • Italy: District Heating Sector shows great Interest in Solar Thermal

    On 29 and 30 September, the project partners of the EU project SDHtake-off met for a workshop during the GeoThermExpo in Ferrara, Italy. “All the big players in district heating in Italy joined our meeting,” project coordinator Thomas Pauschinger from German research centre Solites says....

  • EU Project: Introducing Solar District Heating to the Market

    18 experts from twelve different institutions and associations met in Stuttgart, Germany, to launch the EU project SDHtake-off. This team is to develop and introduce a new approach and new instruments for a Europe-wide market introduction of solar district heating.


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