European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

  • IEA SHC: Mutual Recognition of Test and Inspection Reports Saves Industry Costs

    The work of the Global Solar Certification (GSC) Network is expected to continue within the framework of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC). The Executive Committee of the IEA SHC approved the set-up of a task definition workshop in Paris on 7 October 2015, in order to...

  • Solar Thermal Quality Infrastructure in Cyprus (2014)

    This topic was addressed by George Roditis, Head of the Applied Energy Laboratory, at IRENA’s conference on renewable energy applications for island tourism which took place in Cyprus in May 2014. The speaker focuses on 3 important elements which ensure excellent solar thermal quality...

  • Europe: Pedro Dias Appointed New ESTIF Secretary General

    ESTIF’s Board of Directors has appointed Pedro Dias to serve as new Secretary General of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation. The former deputy general follows in the footsteps of Xavier Noyon, who left ESTIF at the end of March. Accordingly, the association has reduced...
  • Market Statistics: Three Studies Analyse Solar Thermal Market Development

    There are signs that the strong decline of the European solar thermal market reported over the last two years came to a halt in 2011 – at least according to three market reports published in June 2012. On 11 June, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) presented its...

  • Italy: Round-table on Ways Out of Crisis

    On 28 June, Italy’s solar thermal association, Assolterm, organised a round-table discussion under the title "How will the solar thermal market look like in 2030? Action Plan, burden sharing and incentive mechanisms". Among the attendees were representatives of ministries,...

  • European Solar Days Expect more than Half a Million Participants

    Grassroots campaign drums up enthusiasm for clean energy: From Tuesday, 1 May, to Sunday, 13 May, hundreds of thousands of European citizens are gathering at locations all across the continent to show their interest in solar energy during the European Solar Days (ESD). At hundreds of events...

  • Jose Antonio Perez Speaks at ESTEC 2011

    This is an interview with Jose Antonio Perez, from BDR Thermea Group BV, the third largest heating company in Europe. Mr Perez is a Board Member of ESTIF. In this interview he speaks about the importance of solar for his company and gives his opinion on how solar thermal could become more...

  • Solar Thermal Markets in Europe. Trends and Market Statistics 2010 (2011)

    As in previous years, ESTIF, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, has issued this publication with detailed data and numbers about the solar thermal market in the EU 27 and Switzerland in 2010.

    In 2010, the European solar thermal market totalled 2.586 MWth (3.694,940 m²...


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