• Energy [R]evolution. A Sustainable EU 27 Energy Outlook (2012)

    This report was commissioned to the German National Centre for Aerospace, Energy and Transport Research by Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC). It concludes that around half a million jobs could be created in Europe by 2020 if renewables energies and...

  • Energy Revolution: A Sustainable Latin America Energy Outlook (2007)

    This report, produced by Greenpeace International and EREC (European Renewable Energy Council), explores possible scenarios of energy use in Latin America. The report develops a sustainable energy pathway up to 2050, including energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass,...

  • Solar Thermal Desalination Systems with Multi-layer Heat Recovery (2004)

    This document was produced by researchers of the Solar-Institut Jülich, Universidade Federal do Ceara and RWE-Aqua and explores the benefits of using systems with multi-layer heat recovery in solar thermal desalination plants. The project, financed by Greenpeace International, looked at...

  • Embedded thumbnail for Christine Lins from EREC at ESTEC 2009 - II part

    Christine Lins from EREC at ESTEC 2009 - II part

    This is an interview made during the 2009 ESTEC conference in Munich, Germany, with Christine Lins, Secretary Gneral of EREC. Christine talks about the energy revolution scenarios, a project requested by Greenpeace.


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