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  • Collector Ranking 2015

    Worldwide: Flat Plate Collector Manufacturer Ranking

    The ranking of the largest flat plate collector manufacturers is headed by the same four companies as last year: Greenonetec from Austria, Fivestar from China, Soletrol from Brazil and Bosch Thermotechnik from Germany. But aside from the continuity at the top, last year shows what different...
  • Embedded thumbnail for Özgür Gök at SHC 2015: International Markets for Solar Collectors

    Özgür Gök at SHC 2015: International Markets for Solar Collectors

    Which factors count on the international market for solar collectors? Find out in an interview with Özgür Gök, Managing director of the Turkish collector manufacturer Ezinç. This interview was recorded at the SHC 2015 conference in Istanbul by solarthermalworld.org. Music: Tuesday...
  • Turkey: Market Development 2015 and Forecast 2016

    With 1.9 million m² of collector area newly installed in 2014 (1.33 GWth), Turkey was again the second-largest solar thermal market after China last year. The share of vacuum tube collectors had increased significantly over the years, but stagnated in 2014 at 44 % of...
  • Iran: POMAco’s View on Iranian Solar Thermal Market

    After Iran’s elections in June and the new government taking over in August, hopes are that solar thermal could become an increasingly important technology in the Mideast country. Hossein Riyahi Dehkordi, Managing Director of Iranian solar company Polar Mehr Iranian - POMAco,...

  • Germany: Design Award for Integrated Storage Collector

    The ISH 2013 Design Plus Award goes to: Austrian Kioto Group’s Solcrafte Style. Out of the nearly 200 submissions from 15 countries, the jury recognised 34 as particularly outstanding, including Kioto’s integrated storage collector, the only solar thermal product among the winners. The...

  • Turkey: High-quality Solar Hot Water Systems across Earthquake Area

    One year after the earthquake in the city of Van in the very east of Turkey, the government has built more than 15,000 new houses for those who lost their homes. The 15,323 new flats were constructed within twelve months. All of them are equipped with individual 120 litre thermosiphon...

  • Turkey: Vacuum Tubes on the Rise

    Vacuum tube technology is gaining influence on the Turkish market. Between 2007 and 2011, the share of vacuum tubes among the total newly installed collector area in the country increased from 4 to 28 %, according to the market statistics of Hakan Alas, General Manager of Ezinç Metal. ...

  • Kenya: Regulation Increases Solar Water Heater Uptake

    Although Kenya’s Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations 2010 have not yet come into force officially, they have already had an effect on the market. The draft of the regulation says that, “within a period of five years from the date of when these regulations come into force, all owners of...

  • Kutay Ülke Speaks About Ezinç and the Turkish Market during ESTEC 2011

    This is an interview with Kutay Ülke from the company Ezinç. Ezinç is one of the main collector and storage tank producers in Turkey. Kutay Ülke speaks about the company products and training activities. He also explains the development of the Turkish solar thermal market even if there are no...
  • Turkey: 5-Year Payback Time for Solar Hot Water System in Student Hostel

    The student hostel of the University in Trabzon at the north coast of Turkey enjoys ideal conditions for solar water usage. When the 762 m2 collector field was mounted on the roofs of the buildings, the hostel had already been equipped with six 10,000 litre tanks, which could...


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