European Commission

  • Renewable Energy Directive for 2030

    Europe’s first-ever renewable heating and cooling target

    After night-long negotiations, the European Parliament and Council have reached an agreement on the Renewable Energy Directive for 2030. At long last, discussions that started in November 2016 came to a close in the early morning of 14 June. The...
  • Horizon 2020

    EU Funding for Solutions to Decarbonise Heating and Cooling Market

    A search for ‘solar thermal’ in a recently published 195-page document titled Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy will not return encouraging results (see the attached document). The publication by the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 shows only 6 entries in total. “Solar thermal is...
  • Germany: Debate about Voluntary Collector Output Label Solergy

    The new collector label Solergy has just been created and has already sparked a lot of debate in Germany. On the one hand, there is a growing number of collector manufacturers, associations and also the certification body DIN Certco – which are supporting the...
  • European R&D Programme Horizon 2020: Good Opportunities for Solar Thermal?

    The European Commission introduced its work programme 2016/2017 for the R&D funding programme Horizon 2020 during two info days in Brussels on 14 and 15 September. One of the first presentations was by Paul Verhoef, Head of the Renewable Energy Sources unit at the EU’s DG...
  • Solar Water Heaters Not First Choice of EU-GUGLE Participants

    Finding feasible renovation models to change energy-consuming buildings into nearly zero-energy ones is the aim of the EU-GUGLE project, which stands for European cities serving as Green Urban Gate towards Leadership in sustainable Energy. The programme was launched at the six...
  • POLYSOL Report Summary (2014)

    POLYSOL is an EU-funded project, which started in 2011 under the 7th Framework Programme for Research for SME’s, with the aim to develop a modular all-polymer solar thermal collector for domestic hot water preparation and space heating which could be an alternative to conventional...

  • Europe: Energy Security Strategy to Improve Relevance of Renewable Heating

    The European Commission has now published its Communication on Energy Security, which proposes a set of immediate actions to address the current crisis, but mostly concentrates on other measures to be implemented in the longer term. The proposed actions include "an accelerated...
  • EU Project: RELACS in Sustainable Holiday Accommodations

    What have the Albena resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (see photo), the Bräuer restaurant in Weißkirchen, Austria, and the 2 Danby Cottages in the UK’s Forest of Dean in common? They are all part of the RELACS network. RELACS is short for “REnewabLe energy...

  • Hungary: New Money for Commercial and Public Solar Thermal Systems

    From the end of 2011 on, the Hungarian government had asked the European Commission (EC) to allow the transfer of funds not spent within the Transport Operational Programme, KözOP, to the Environment and Energy Operational Programme, KEOP. The EC finally agreed in September 2012 and the...


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