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  • Lithuania District Heating

    Lithuania: Can Solar Thermal Beat Low Biomass Heat Prices?

    With biomass prices on the rise, solar district heating could become profitable in Lithuania. But without investment grants, payback periods were still too long, it said in the conclusion of a 2015 SDH market study by LEI, the Lithuanian Energy Institute (see the attached document in...
  • Denmark: Abundant Biomass, Little Solar in Industry Incentive Scheme

    Danish incentive programme RE for Production Processes has been extended by another year until 2021. In 2014, in its first full year, the scheme supported 196 renewable projects, of which only one included solar heat. Since the programme began in August 2013, it has funded all together ten...
  • Denmark: Solar District Heating Capacity increases 5-fold

    Solar heat is penetrating Denmark’s district heating networks at an unprecedented rate: Around 90,000m2 of collector area (63 MWth) are going to be connected to the country’s networks in 2011. The map shows the existing and planned solar district heating systems in...

  • Large Solar Thermal Systems: Development and Perspectives (2008)

    Currently there are around 120 large scale solar heating plants with more than 500 m2 of solar collectors in operation in Europe, 10 of which are located in Denmark. The first Danish plant was built in 1987 with 1,000 m2 of ground mounted collectors. Today it still remains active, producing...


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