Zero Emission Collector Factory in Germany

Inauguration wagnerInauguration of the new flat plate collector factory of Wagner & Co. in Kirchhain, Germany Photo: Wagner & Co

Wagner & Co Solartechnik has set a milestone for modern production of solar thermal collectors. The German manufacturer of solar thermal collectors and supplier of solar thermal systems celebrated the opening of a new manufacturing plant for collectors at Kirchhain, Germany, at the beginning of October.

The company invested € 6.5 million in the building and machinery, financed by the company's own resources and a bank loan. Wagner did look for innovative solutions outside as well as inside the new production site.

On the outside: The factory building with a total floor area of 5,300 m2 is completely free of carbon dioxide. First of all, the building's heating requirements are significantly reduced by adhering to an extra thick insulation standard for walls as well as windows. A solar thermal installation in combination with a wood chip burner covers the remaining heating and hot water demand. Also, a photovoltaic system on the roof produces more electricity with its 250 kWp than the operation of building and collector production requires.


Wagner factoryNew solar factory with a total floor area of 5,300 m2. Options on neighbouring property in the industrial zone take future growth into account. Photo: Wagner & Co



On the inside: Synchronous collector production in five parallel assembly lines significantly improves flexiblity when it is necessary to respond to market demands and customer preferences. The factory has a production capacity of 200,000 elements per year, which equals output of around 460,000 m2 of collector area. The EURO collector family is assembled at the new site, including the EURO-C20, which is covered by anti-reflective glass and is one of the most powerful collectors on the solar thermal market.

Wagner looks back at a long history in solar thermal technology. The independent company started selling solar thermal systems back in 1979. In 1987, it produced its first collectors in Cölbe, southern Germany. Today, Wagner is among the three biggest collector manufacturers in Germany. Since July 2008, Wagner also assembles collectors in Spain at the location of its subsidiary Wagner Solar, S.L.

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