Yemen: Framework to Promote Domestic Solar Water Heaters (2009)

This presentation was made during the Regional Workshop on SWH Certification and Standardization organised by RCREEE (Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) in Tunisia in autumn 2009.
The presentation shows the results of a study on the framework needed for the introduction of domestic solar water heaters in Yemen.

With normally 8 hours of high sun radiation per day, the climate in Yemen's highlands is perfect for solar water heating installations. The presentation underlines the lack of government policies and institutional support for solar thermal energy. There is little awareness, few financing mechanisms and still high initial costs for the installations of the systems.

The presentation provides a set of recommendations for the market introduction of solar water heaters. Once these are in place, the authors believe that solar water heaters will be a very cost effective technology with an estimated payback time of three years for small units.

Download document here or read it below

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