Won’t Get Fooled Again (2010)

This presentation was created by Ed Murray of Aztec Solar, located in Rancho Cordova, California.  It provides an overview of federal solar thermal policy in the United States from the Carter Administration up to the Obama Administration. The presentation begins by overviewing the policies put in place by the Carter Administration, including federal tax credits and the creation of various government funded renewable energy centers.  Starting during the Reagan Administrations and then through the 2000s the presentation touches on the decline of solar thermal due to lower oil prices and then the industry’s gradual move towards new technologies and standards. Ending the presentation, the author cites the nation’s growing commitment to clean energy technology and more institutionalized knowledge about the correct climate policies to pursue as reasons for optimism as to why the recent push for solar thermal may turn out better than the last.

Author: Ed Murray

Date of Publication: 2010

Pages: 9

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