Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation by the Successful Models (2011)

Running until 2012, “Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation by the Successful Models" (WidetheSee) is a project developed by 11 South-Eastern European countries and co-financed by the EU. It aims at promoting the usage of solar thermal technologies for domestic hot water appliances in the context of European policies concerning renewable energy sources and the reduction of fossil fuel dependence.

This study focuses on the environmental impact of solar thermal technologies. The study starts by presenting the mathematical calculation employed in order to determine key parameters like energy consumption, solar system energy output and savings in terms of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. Using these calculations, a regional analysis of the performance of these technologies – the main component of the study – is being presented. This research is based on the results from 6 different solar collector solutions used in the region, taking into account climatic conditions and the existing types of buildings.

The findings show important savings of fossil fuel for each solar thermal system installed, as well as significant reductions of CO2 emissions, thus acting as a stimulus for market development.

Author: WidetheSee

Date: 2011

Pages: 25

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