Where does Solar Cooling Stand Today? (2012)

This powerpoint presentation was given by Solem Consulting’s Dr. Uli Jakob at the 2012 Intersolar Europe Conference. It gives a sprawling overview of the solar cooling market by 2012, beginning with an overview of the different collector and chiller technologies currently on the international market. It also lists the solar cooling kit suppliers across different global regions.

This catalogue is followed with key statistics. For example, a system costs reduction of 20% was observed within two years between 2009 and 2011, with 135 large scale solar cooling installations and 166 small or medium scale installations recorded in 2009. The presentation also gives an overview of the twelve different EU projects for solar cooling, and two different regional associations: Green Chiller (European) and the Australian Solar Cooling Interest Group.

The presentation makes several important conclusions in its closing outlook. The number of adsorption and absorption chillers on the market increases every year, and greater standardization (for example through CEN/Cenelec at EU level) to homogenise their technological requirements would greatly decrease costs and develop markets further in coming years.

Date: 2012

Author: Dr. Uli Jakob, Solem Consulting

Pages: 31

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