Webinar - Industrial Scale Solar Thermal Heating for SX-EW and Leaching Processes (March 2012)

Webinar - Industrial Scale Solar Thermal Heating for SX-EW and Leaching Processes

Date: 7 March 2012

Duration: 50 minutes


Nigel Cotton, European Copper Institute

Werner Weiss, Director of the AEE- Institute of Sustainable Technologies in Austria

Ennis Rimawi, Chairman of Millennium Energy Industries


Solar Plant This webinar, hosted by the Solarthermalworld.org and the European Copper Institute, introduced a new approach to process heating and present opportunities for industrial scale solar thermal systems for SX-EW and leaching processes. Cost reduction opportunities were also explored. Large scale solar thermal process heat systems using flat plate collectors is the most cost effective and reliable solar solution for large scale low temperature (below 100C) heating.

 The commercial benefits include:

  1. Payback of less than 5 years at market price of fuel or electricity, and
  2. The equivalent of $0.03-$0.05/kWh thermal (over a 25 year period, without financing costs).
  3. Reduction in CO2 emissions and logistics associated with fossil fuels.

The 25MWth (peak capacity) solar heating plant commissioned in 2011 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest, and reinforces the large scale viability of such systems when engineered and implemented properly.

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Werner Weiss

Ennis Rimawi

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Webinar March 2012 


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