Unparalleled Life Cycle Savings: Solar Thermal Technology and Condensing Boilers (2012)

This white paper was written by Sutherland D. Junge of Unical/Lattner. It presents the case for using the combination system of solar thermal and condensing boiler technologies (STaCB), and focuses on the cost savings of these systems. STaCB systems can be used for a wide variety of applications, including in-floor radiant heating, swimming pools, snow melting and domestic hot water systems. The presentation concedes that the upfront capital costs of installing a STaCB system is greater than the initial price of installing a more conventional solar thermal system. However, a conventional solar thermal needs greater energy inputs over the life of the system than a STaCB system. Therefore, the owner will save a larger amount of money on deferred energy costs, and thus it is the less expensive long term investment, according to the white paper.

Author: Sutherland D. Junge

Date: 2012

Pages: 10

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