Transition to Solar Thermal – Roadmap of Holland Solar (2007)

With this 2007 roadmap, the Dutch solar thermal association Holland Solar, sets out a future perspective for solar thermal market development in the Netherlands based on three timeframes i.e. 2015, 2030 and 2050. The document has to be seen in the discussion on the energy transition process and underlines that a change in cultural behaviour is needed to which all stakeholders, especially companies, authorities and research institutes, have to contribute.

The roadmap looks into the current vision and future perspectives of solar thermal energy in the Netherlands and identifies the market segments to which this will apply. It also lists specific recommended actions addressed to the authorities, industry and research institutes to ensure the challenging objectives can be met.

The document is only available in Dutch

Source: Holland Solar

Read document here (only in Dutch)

roadmap thermische zonne-energie.pdf 1.1 Mb [567 download(s)]
roadmap thermische zonne-energie_0.pdf 1.1 Mb [327 download(s)]

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