Training Course on Solar District Heating (2011)

This document comprises training material developed in the framework of the SDHtake-off project with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. It has been designed as a “pool” of information to be used by all training organizations. It gives a broad overview of the solar thermal technologies employed for district heating, their characteristics as well as the legislative and technical requirements that are applicable in the EU.

After outlining the benefits stemming from deploying solar thermal technologies, the paper gives an in-depth study of the present market situation, both in terms of solar thermal capacity and collector area. Adding a SWOT analysis to the available collected data, the authors also indicate the future trends and potential of this particular market. The document subsequently analyses the existing solar thermal alternatives according to parameters such as the technologies employed, their efficiency in variable operating conditions and the applied quality and safety standards. This information is then used to better explain the characteristics and benefits of existing solar district heating plants.

After analysing key operation and maintenance issues and the administrative and regulatory procedures that govern the entire sector, the document ends with a set of case studies in order to exemplify the added value brought by these technologies.

Author: SDHtake-off project

Date: 2011

Pages: 84

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