Thermosiphon Systems from New Caledonia

Sun Ray at Intersolar 2008Williams Danger and Caroline Hubert of Sun Ray, a manufacturer of thermosiphon systems, came to Intersolar from New Caledonia, east of Australia, making them the solar thermal exhibitor farthest from home. Photo: Bärbel Epp

French firm Sun Ray based in New Caledonia was an interesting newcomer at the fair Intersolar 2008, Germany, in several respects. Since April, the company’s founder and executive director Williams Danger has been independent of his supplier of many years, Edwards of Australia. In his first appearance at Intersolar, Danger was also pleased to announce that his company had come the farthest - from an archipelago east of Australia. His firm manufactures six sizes of further developed thermosiphon systems: from 104 litres and one collector to 608 litres with four collectors. "We have improved some practical details and made our new systems more attractive," Danger reports. One of the innovations is a patented twin-pipe system. Here, cold water is not fed directly into the collector as usual, but first into the tank. A second pipe takes water from the tank to the collector. Williams says that this arrangement improves thermal circulation between the collector and the tank. Furthermore, the tank on the installation system can be turned so that the tank's cold water nozzle faces the cold water connector, reducing the length of copper pipes. Sun Ray sells its systems in French overseas departments via French energy supplier Tenesol and has just founded an independent subsidiary in Morocco to supply the North African market.


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