Technology Options of Solar Thermal Systems in South-East Asia – Lessons learned from Thailand and Vietnam (2012)

This power point presentation - given by Dr Ing Christoph Menke (University of Applied Sciences, Trier) – outlines the technology options and market potential for solar thermal systems in South-East Asia. After an overview of global solar thermal technology, it outlines the potential for solar water heating in Thailand, the temperature ranges for different food industrial processes, and gives an overview of the subsidy programmes implemented between 2008 and 2011.

These subsidies had several positive effects:

• Higher market volume

• Reduction in sale price of large scale solar system from 21,500 baht/m2 to 16,000 baht/m2.

• Increased Market Size

• More important role for industrial sector.

The presentation also outlines lessons that can be taken from the programmes in Thailand and Vietnam. For a solar thermal sector to flourish there needs to be competitive fuel prices, a long-term investment support programme, and capacity building of technicians.

Author: Dr. -Ing. Christoph Menke (University of Applied Science, Trier)

Year: 2012

Pages: 133

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