Technologies and Perspectives of Solar Cooling Systems (2014)

This presentation, given by Dr. Uli Jakob of Solem Consulting, at the AHK (German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) conference in Sydney in March 2014, gives an update on the technologies and perspectives of solar cooling systems.  It covers the different technologies used, such as sorption chillers, integrated hydraulic units and standardized solar cooling kits.  It also provides a short overview of solar collector technologies for solar cooling. Pictures illustrate the installation of solar cooling systems in several countries.  The last section of the presentation focuses on wider market perspectives, showing several graphics on the development of the solar cooling market, the market shares of solar driven sorption chillers and the cost development of solar cooling kits.  It also provides information on the funding schemes in Germany, and on the IEA Technology Roadmap  SHC’s estimation of the market evolution until 2050.

Author:  Dr. Uli Jakob

Date : 24th March 2014

Pages: 30

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