Technical Study Report on Measuring, Remote Monitoring and Remote Controlling for Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal suffers in the market, the media and the policy arena, because solar thermal energy is seldom accounted for, and the amount of solar thermal heat supplied is neither measured nor displayed in a transparent way. This also results into problems/malfunctions not being spotted quickly.

This technical study report on measuring, remote monitoring and remote controlling for solar thermal systems aims at contributing to making measuring, monitoring, and remote controlling more mainstream for smaller systems. It also intends to make use of some information from larger systems, where measuring, remote monitoring, and remote controlling are already common.

This report contributes to make solar thermal stakeholders better aware of the potential to be exploited in terms of measuring, remote monitoring, and remote controlling and its potential to improve solar thermal systems and its application, making it easier to compare and to reduce failures. Parts of the study will generally apply to water and space heating systems, not only those including solar thermal.


Date: 2015

Pages: 28

Download the document here


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