Technical Guide for Architects and Designers: Thermosiphon Sytems for Single Family Houses (Chile- 2013).

This technical guide provides technical explanations for architects and designers on the preparation and installation of solar thermal systems of the thermosiphon type in single family houses. It provides information and technical criteria needed to choose the most suitable system of solar water heating for single family houses according several technical conditions. It investigates the architectural criteria, technical variables and technical specifications required for the integration of a thermosyphon solar thermal system in a typical domestic hot water installation of a single family house. The document includes a glossary providing explanation on different terms and techniques.

This technical guide was written by UNDP in cooperation with the Chilean Minister of Energy, the Chilean Association of Solar Energy (ACESOL) and the College of Architects of Chile. It is also part of the Chilean Solar Programme, which support the sustainable growth of solar thermal collectors market in Chile.

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Document only available in Spanish 

Author: Global Environment Facility (GEF),  Chilean Ministry of Energy, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Date of publication: 2013

Pages: 12

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