Survey of Active Solar Thermal Collectors, Industry and Markets in Canada (2012)

This report was prepared by the ClearSky Advisors and is a survey of the Canadian solar thermal industry covering the year 2012.

The survey shows a significant decline in the solar thermal market in 2011, with total revenue of $29.9 million, a decrease of 20% from the 37.4 million reported in 2010.
Ontario continued as the domestic market leader, although the reported 46% of sales by revenue in 2011 represents a decline from the  55% reported in 2010. 
British Columbia experienced significant growth in market share for the second consecutive year, increasing from16% in 2010 to 25% in 2011. Industry optimism continued decreasing in 2011. Only 37% of respondents expect positive sales growth over the next two years, while 40% of respondents predict sales to decrease.     

Author: CanSIA 

Date: 2012

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