Summary of Achievements for ProSTO project (2011)

This document summarises the main achievements of ProSTO, an IEE funded project on the ‘best practice implementation of solar thermal obligations’. Implemented by Ambiente Italy, the project ran from 2008-2010 in five European countries (Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal Romania), with the general objective to ‘boost the use of solar thermal systems in the European countries by promoting an efficient implementation of solar thermal obligations (STOs)’.

This document provides a list of the results and deliverables of the ProSTO Project. The organisers created an online database of STOs across Europe, and provided a ‘ProSTO toolbox’ to support its users: including a brochure, guidelines, baseline assessments, SBC components, support measures and monitoring.

There are now 27 tools in total, each available in six languages. ProSTO also created a blueprint of ‘best practice implementation of STOs’ to be distributed widely, and implemented 5 new and optimised STOs in participating Local Authorities during the course of the project.

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Author: ProSTO

Year: 2011

Pages: 12

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