Success Story: Feed-In Tariffs Support Solar Thermal Power in Spain (2008)

This document explains how feed-in tariffs (FIT) contributed to the success of solar thermal energy in Spain, especially concentrating solar power (CSP).

The document provides a comprehensive introduction to feed-in tariffs, its use in Spain, the main elements of the Spanish legislation and how the feed-in tariffs schemes were adapted to CSP technology The first royal decree introducing feed-in tariffs for solar thermal power was introduced in 2002 and was updated in 2006 and 2007.

The increase in the FIT rate for solar thermal power over the years made CSP projects bankable and attractive, and encouraged investors, banks and industrial suppliers to enter this new field of renewable energy production.

The document also provides contact details of key people involved both with FIT and CSP, who can advise and assist in the implementation of similar legislation in other countries.

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