Success Factors in Solar District Heating (2010)

The 'SDHtake-off - Solar District Heating in Europe' project is a EU-funded project (under the European Commission Programme IEE Intelligent Energy Europe)supporting the market rollout of solar district heating in Europe. It started on July 2009 and runs for a period of three years. This document is one of its deliverables, describing the development of SDH capacities in Europe as a result of the existing policies and incentives.

The document presents the different applications of solar district heating and their cost perspectives through some successful examples from some of the countries involved in this project: Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic. It then offers a detailed description of the technologies and applications used: ground- and roof-mounted collection arrays for both domestic and industrial district heating, but also solar cooling uses in countries with warmer climate.

After addressing the different system typologies and their optimal parameters, the study ends with a thorough analysis of 8 sample solar district heating plants from the aforementioned countries.

Author: SDHtake-off project

Date: 2010

Pages: 68

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