Study on a Solar Heating System using Low Temperature Radiators (2013)

The University of Constantine, in Algeria, conducted a study on a solar heating systems using low temperature radiators, which  was presented at the 16th International Thermal Days conference taking place in Marrakech in November 2013.

The objective of the study was to do a simulation of a solar heating system using solar collectors connected to oversized central heating radiators in order to function at low temperature. In addition to collectors and radiators, they have also used a water storage tank and an additional energy source.

The simulation was done over 4 days and  analyzed the temperature's variations at each stage of the system, i.e. collection, storage and distribution. 

The results showed that several parameters had an effect on the temperature.  They clearly demonstrated that in order to keep a constant temperature of the heating system it was necessary to use an additional energy source and that to maintain a constant temperature in the building, a regulator was needed to control the storage tank temperature and the water flow in the radiator.

This report is written in French

Date: November 2013

Author: I. Zeghib and A. Chaker

Pages: 6

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