Stretching an absorber like a trampoline

KBB Kollektorbau at Intersolar 2008Stephan Fintelmann, founder and executive director of Berlin’s OEM collector manufacturer KBB Kollektorbau, presents his new K4 collector series at Intersolar.
Photo: Bärbel Epp

KBB Kollektorbau of Berlin, Germany, presented a collector optimised for aluminium absorbers at the international fair Intersolar in the middle of June. The K4 has an absorber suspended by four springs within the collector frame. “Like a trampoline, the absorber can now flexibly react to various tensions and still always return back to its normal position,” CEO Stephan Fintelmann explains the patented system. In addition, KBB also puts plastic distance pieces in the frame to keep the aluminium absorber down across its entire edge length. “To begin with, this approach helps us prevent thermal bridges between the absorber and the frame, but it also prevents depositions from outgassing insulation – after all, the front part of the collector is not connected to the back,” Fintelmann explains. The manufacturer, which specialises on the OEM market, has also carefully thought out other details for its new collector. The frame’s profile runs around the entire edge and is filled with a sealant to prevent leaks at the seam. Perforations are provided on all of the frame’s edges to let unwanted water drain out. However, during installation only the bottom ones are opened in line with common practice for electrical equipment. The K4 underwent two years of development before being released this year in 30 versions. Although the structure seems complicated with springs and plastic distance edges, KBB says it has been able to reduce production time considerably.


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