Storage Solution for Solar Thermal Energy (2004)

This is a study concerning solar storage technologies and materials presented by J. C. Hadorn from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Many schemes and graphics provide a visual explanation of how all presented technologies work and how they can be connected to different energy supply technologies or with energy grid.Some schemes of potentially useful materials for this function thanks to their energy densities are also available.

The document provides also some suggestions of PCM (phase change material) concerning the storage by using technologies embedded or not into a construction elements or the building structure, like the trombe wall, rock bed, water tanks etc. In the end of this analysis the author proposes some materials for storage and justifies why water is the best storage material for small scale solar installations.

Author: Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Date: 2004

Pages: 21

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Long Term Heat Stores, Swiss Study.pdf 3.7 Mb [407 download(s)]

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