Stanwell Solar Thermal Power Project (2006)

This paper was released by the Stanwell Corporation, University of Sydney and the University of NSW in 2006. It describes the success and implementation of the Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar thermal system. The CLFR power plant concept is intended to reduce costs due to: structural cost savings, isolated absorber that does not move to avoid high cost of flexible lines or rotating joints, water is used for heat transfer, an absorber composed of a pressure tube containing high pressure water, and low array maintenance costs due to the ease of access for cleaning. They compare a CLFR power plant to two different plant setups and show the annual daily average energy delivery as the focal point. The conclusion of this paper is the possibility of the new CLFR array to have the potential to deliver the lowest cost solar thermal electric power.

Author :  David BURBIDGE, David R. MILLS , and Graham L. MORRISON

Sate of publication : 2006

Pages : 6

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