The South African Water Heating Industry (2011)

Presented by Dominic Goncalves at the Renewable Energy Africa Conference on July 28 2011, this presentation surveys the potential for the market development of the South African solar water heating industry. Because 18% of South Africa’s national electricity supply is allocated towards the heating of water, solar water heating is portrayed as a solution to the impending electricity crisis; whereby domestic demand for electricity far outstrips supply.

To realise this potential, the presentation gives policy recommendations for various subsidies and tax credits to stimulate industry growth, as well as summarising the obstacles that have so far encumbered development. Most important of these is the shortage of specific installation skills. Increased funding for skills development is accordingly recommended, alongside flanking measures to support the fledgling market and multilateral support for mandatory building costs. This will help South Africa to realise the potential outlined in the presentation’s 2020 forecast.

Author: Dominic Goncalves, Frost & Sullivan

Year: 2011

Pages: 19

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