Solar Water Heating Therm – inology! (2011)

This presentation was created by Tim Merrigan of the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and was first presented at the 2011 USH2O Annual Meeting. It focuses on clearing up and defining some widely, and often loosely, used terms in the world of solar thermal heating relating to system names and official standards. The author of the presentation focuses on the term “open loop”, stating that people often misunderstand that an open loop system can be accurately referring to a closed direct system, and that open always means that a system is open to the atmosphere. From here, the presentation tackles the use of the term “standards”, explaining how different certification organizations and industry groups will use the term to either mean guidelines or stricter codes.

Author: Tim Merrigan

Date: 2011

Slides: 22

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annual11_swh_terminology.pdf 1.2 Mb [306 download(s)]

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