Solar Water Heating Systems in the Tourist Industry (2014)

This document was presented at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) event on Renewable Energy Applications for Island Tourism, held in Cyprus on 29-30 June 2014. A link to the event’s summary, agenda and documents is available here. The presentation was made by Tassos Frantzis, owner of Vesta Solar Heaters Ltd., a manufacturing company of solar thermal systems and member of ΕΒΗΕΚ (Cyprus Union Of Solar Energy Industrialists).

The document presents the reasons for the success of solar in the tourism sector of Cyprus: Cyprus is totally dependent on the imports of fuel which results in high electricity costs, but the country has very favorable weather conditions as well as good regulatory framework and even solar industry presence.

The presentation shows the benefits of incorporating solar thermal technologies in the tourism industry: in the case of Cyprus solar is present in 54% of the hotels. Apart for the obvious advantages in terms of lower emissions and energy dependence, the use of solar thermal technologies allowed the country to present a greener image to the tourists, with positive effects on number of tourists and job creation. 

Author: Tassos Frantzis, Vesta Solar Heaters Ltd

Date of publication: 2014

Pages: 17

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