Solar Water Heating Systems in Libya (2013)

This presentation on solar water heating (SWH) systems was given by Dr. Mohamed Erhouma, Head of Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Department at CSERS (Center for Solar Energy Research and Studies) at a workshop on “Promoting Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in Libya” organized jointly by  REAOL (the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya) and the World Bank.

The presentation provides an overview of the SWH experience and facilities in this country and enumerates the challenges Libya is currently facing with traditional heating systems in terms of energy consumption, costs and pollution.  In view of these issues, SWH systems have great potential and should be encouraged through clear policy and incentives programs. The SWHs plan proposed by CSERS is a 10-year plan targeting 250.000 homes and would rely on a financial program that would grant an average 860 Libyan Dinar (510  Eur) as incentives per installed system.  This plan would not only save money but it would also save energy, create employment opportunities and stimulate local industries and reduce CO2 emissions.

Author: Dr. Mohamed Erhouma

Date of publication: April 2013

Pages: 28

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