Solar Water Heating Systems (2007)

This presentation was created for Solar Santa Monica, a local government initiative by the city of Santa Monica, California that advocates for the use of solar energy.  This presentation was used to familiarize Solar Santa Monica members on how solar thermal works and why they should advocate for it alongside solar electricity technologies.

To open, the presentation emphasizes the relevance of solar thermal to the larger mission of promoting solar energy, and uses a graph to demonstrate how much solar thermal currently surpasses other solar technologies in currently installed capacity.  From there, the presentation covers the basics of solar thermal technology, including the various kinds of systems and the basic parts.

Another main focus of the presentation is the economics of solar thermal systems.  The presentation argues that higher gas prices in the future will make solar thermal systems one of the most economically viable alternative energy sources.

Author: Stuart Cooley, Energy Efficiency Engineer, Energy and Green Building Programs

Date of Publication: December 9, 2007

Pages: 36

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