Solar Water Heating, a Strategic Planning Guide for Cities in Developing Countries

As the world’s population continues to move into cities and urban energy demand increases, local offi cials – especially those in developing countries – are increasingly under pressure to address a range of energy, economic, and climate priorities.

Solar water heating (SWH) has signifi cant potential to help local offi cials and urban planners address the needs and priorities of their jurisdictions. At the residential and commercial building level, SWH can provide a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective option for endusers. At the city level, SWH can improve energy access for city residents, improve the stability of energy costs and the reliability of the electrical grid, create opportunities for new jobs, and reduce a city’s greenhouse gas footprint.

This guide provides a detailed overview of the Solar Water Heating (SWH) strategic planning process for urban leaders and planners in developing countries across the globe to jumpstart SWH market development. 

The guide includes the following information and tools:

  • A description of the SWH planning process for local jurisdictions, including basics of a strategic SWH plan, what stakeholders need to be involved, how to fund and launch the planning process, and approaches for conducting a technical assessment;
  • An overview of SWH applications and technologies.
  • A description of SWH barriers, policies and programs, with a special focus on programs that can be implemented at the local level to address market barriers and support robust development. Each policy section includes a brief description of policy design options as well as case studies and examples of how jurisdictions have implemented them.
  • Best practices and additional tools/ resources that can help urban leaders and planners develop SWH in their cities.


Date: 2015

Pages: 68

Download the document here

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