Solar Water Heating – Natural Gas Assisted or Stand Alone Solar?" (2011)

This presentation was created by Paul Outram of Sun Earth Inc. It provides background information on solar thermal water heating technology, and finishes by making the case for the necessity of hybrid natural gas – solar thermal water heating systems. The presentation is illustrated with photos and graphs throughout.

The first kind of solar thermal technology for water heating that the presentation details is an internal storage and collector system (ICS). They characterize ICS as simple but inefficient and climate limited. Another passive system they detail is the thermosiphon system. The presentation suggests that active systems are better than passive ones. While the presentation sees promise in the solar thermal water heating market, it claims that the technology is not yet developed enough to provide for a home’s entire hot water needs, and is best paired with natural gas instead of other conventional heating sources.

Author: Paul Outram

Date: 2011

Slides: 53

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