Solar Water Heating Fee-for-Service Programmes in the Caribbean Region (2006)

This 2006 guidebook, prepared with the support of several institutions (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP); Blue Moon Fund; Oak Foundation; Green Markets International; Caribbean Solar Technologies Limited; Vitae Civilis Institute) provides electric utility companies substantial information about solar water heating fee-for-service programmes with a view to boost its development on residential, commercial, and industrial applications, without using government subsidies.

The document focuses on the Caribbean region where solar energy can constitute a cost-effective alternative to imported fossil fuels. The high upfront costs associated to solar has prevented this renewable energy source from developing further in the region, with the exception of Barbados, where government subsidies have lead to a good market penetration of solar water heating systems.

The guidebook reviews all the steps necessary to design and implement an utility using the solar water heating fee-for-service programme: an introduction to solar thermal water heating technologies; the fee-for-service programme options; the financial requirements, benefits and opportunities; the environmental advantages and the solar water heating system component reliability, certification and installation.

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