Solar Water Heating as a Climate Protection Strategy: The Role for Carbon Finance

This report was arranged by Green Markets International. The document discuses small-scale renewable energy applications such as solar water heating that can help to protect the global climate. Solar heating offers the least expensive way in providing renewable energy and cutting back on greenhouse emissions. There are some setbacks involved; carbon trading can be the key to overcoming these setbacks. Despite the environmental and economic benefits that can be achieved from solar heating systems, there are still some barriers that are hindering its adoption in the U.S. It includes high up-front system costs compared to conventional alternatives, a lack of available financing for SWH businesses and consumers, insufficient quality control, and a lack of awareness about the favorable lifecycle economics of SWH technology. Carbon emissions’ trading offers a way for countries to meet obligations under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions in attempt to lessen the harmful effects of future climate change. It also helps lead the way to more proactive solutions such as solar heating.

Author: Samuel Milton & Steven Kaufman

Date of Publication: 2005 

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