Solar Water Heating Calculation Tool

This Calculation Tool was developed by the National Country Program of Albania under the Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative. 

This is a simplified Residential & Service Solar Water Heating system calculation tool, which estimates the size and the cost to install such a system in your home, hotel or restaurant, running also payback and financial analysis. The financial analysis provided is based upon energy bill savings you can expect after the installation of the system. The results are based upon many assumptions and the limited data you will enter. 

Once you fill in the data under the “Optimize” menu you will get the results calculated by the program. If you want to better optimize the SWH system area, select “Recalculate” where you will be asked to enter additionally the area of SWH system. Use the “Recalculate” option till you get the best economical parameters.

Note: This Calculation Tool covers only Albania Territory and it is not applicable for other areas.


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