Solar Water Heaters Market Evaluation- A Full Case Study of Mexico

This comprehensive case study analyses Mexico’s Solar Water Heating (SWH) market and enabling environment over the course of the Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative (GSWH Project).

Specifically, it examines the Mexican SWH market through two different approaches:

  • By providing a qualitative analysis of the development of the solar water heating market in Mexico and studying the different stages of development that the market has experienced and providing different lessons learned during the project implementation. The report describes the GSWH initiative’s impact on the market in the following main subcomponent areas of the initiative: Legal, regulatory, and institutional framework, Public awareness raising, marketing support, and capacity building, Financing mechanism and new delivery models, and Business skills barrier and product quality.
  • By employing a quantitative analysis using UNEP’s SWH TechScope Market Readiness Assessment Analysis Methodology to compare Mexico’s TechScope scores for the SWH enabling environment across three time periods: pre-GSWH project, mid-term of the GSWH project and post-GSWH project.

Using this baseline analysis, the report evaluates the extent to which the GSWH initiative had an impact on Mexico’s SWH market. This analysis considers seven areas of potential impact including SWH targets, financial incentives for system installation, SWH loan programs, building mandates, outreach campaigns, and product standards and certifications.


Date: 2015

Pages: 53

Download the document here

mexico_case_study_final.pdf 2.5 Mb [305 download(s)]

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