Solar Water Heater Supply Chain Market Analysis: Study for the City of Milwaukee (2010)

This presentation was created by Navigant Consulting for the City of Milwaukee.  It provides information on the global and domestic solar water heater markets and offers advice on how to develop a solar water heater manufacturing base in Milwaukee.

Navigant Consulting presented Milwaukee with important information concerning four different topics. Where the greatest global demand for solar water heater equipment is (China and Europe); what future domestic demand will look like (modest and centered in Hawaii and Florida); how the supply chain for this equipment currently operates (fragmented and locally); and how to best develop a solar water heater manufacturing sector in Milwaukee (build on current manufacturing strengths).

Anyone specifically interested in the solar thermal supply chain or solar thermal manufacturing would greatly benefit from reading this presentation.

Author: Lisa Frantzis, Shalom Goffri

Date of Publication: September 30, 2010

Pages: 36

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