Solar Thermal Technology & Applications (2006)

This presentation was created by Roger Taylor of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). It was used at the NAEMI Solar Electric & Thermal Training Workshop in 2006. Solar thermal water and air heating are the main topics of the presentation.

The first ¾’s of the presentation focuses on solar thermal water heating and its various applications. After explaining when solar thermal becomes economically efficient for the consumer, the presentation moves onto the various ways to use solar thermal and the collector systems that make it possible. From here, the presentation moves onto different examples of solar thermal in various climate settings and offers formulas to evaluate cost savings.

The last quarter of the presentation is on solar air heating.  The presentation first explains how a transpired solar collector works.  Then it moves on to explaining the different applications of solar ventilation systems and how the consumer can judge if they will be cost effective.

Author: Roger Taylor

Date: 2006

Pages: 68

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