Solar Thermal Systems in Industry (2014)

This presentation was given by Stéphane Joblot of E-Sol, a company specialized in renewable energy studies, during a workshop organized in the framework of the programme of the Alsace region, with the support of  ADEME, the French Environment Agency.  After giving a general overview of various solar thermal techonololgies and applications, the speaker shares the findings from a case study which analyzed the process needs of an agri-food company in the city of Colmar. This company operates 5 days a week and needs 4.000 liters of water at 60° C daily. It has a solar collector area of 51.4 m², corresponding to 28.746, 7 kWh. This case study has also compared the investment costs with and without subsidies from ADEME.  In the Alsace Region, subsidies are available for feasability studies, corresponding to 50 to 70 % of the total study costs. Financing is also available in the investment phase of projects. The subsidies granted for those projects vary depending on the size of of the collectors area, whether it is above or below 100m².

The presentation is only available in French 

Author: Stéphane Joblot

Date: November 2014

Pages: 18

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