Solar Thermal Systems (2008)

This is a presentation by Murat Aydemir from the company Viessmann Middle East. The presentation was given during the Green Building Conference in Dubai in 2008.

The presentation provides an overview of Viessmann solar thermal and PV products and projects with photos of installations made in the UAE. Murat Aydemir makes a comparison between PV and solar thermal in Dubai. Based on his simulations, installing 1m2 of solar thermal technology in Dubai would involve an investment of €800 to €1000. This would result in a gain of 1300 kWh/a heat and 932 kg/a CO2 savings. Installing 1m2 of PV systems would cost in turn €1500. The gains would be of around 208 kWh/a electric and 184 kg/a CO2 savings.

Author: Viessmann Middle East

Date: 2008

Slides: 38

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