Solar Thermal Solutions for Industrial Customers: German Engineering and High-Tech Components (2010)

This presentation was given by Professor Christopher Menke at the Hanoi Energy Expo in 2010. It gives a detailed overview of global solar thermal market development, including information on global and national capacity and market growth (for example an increase in collector installations in 2009 of 25% compared with 2008). A differentiation is made between the Thermosiphon systems preferred in Asian, African and ME countries; and the pumped systems that are more common in Europe, the US and Australia.

The presentation then assesses the results of German solar thermal programmes Solarthermie 2000 and Solar thermie 2000 Plus, which togther resulted in the installation of 100 pilot installations and research projects between 1993-2009. These gave information for optimised solar thermal system concepts and a study of achievable (realised) solar yields.

 Author: Prof. Dr. -Ing Christoph Menke - University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germany

Date: 2010

Pages: 33

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