Solar Thermal Power: The Science and Technology of Solar Thermal Power in Africa (2009)

This article was written by Daniel Schäfer who is a student studying Physics and Mathematics at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen in Germany.  It provides information on the possibilities surrounding solar thermal energy in North Africa.

The article looks at the energy issue through the three lenses of availability, economic efficiency, and sustainability.  After going over the potential of solar thermal power stations and their limitations, Schäfer looks at a real world setting.  He sees great potential in North Africa, where solar thermal stations could be the center of grids stretching into Europe and other parts of Africa where there is sufficient demand.

Schäfer concludes that for this potential to be made a reality certain technical, economic, and political barriers will need to be broken.

Author: Daniel Schäfer

Date: July 2009

Pages: 5

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