Solar Thermal Power 2020: Exploiting the Heat from the Sun to Combat Climate Change (2003)

This study is a product of a partnership between the European Solar Thermal Industry Association and Greenpeace.  It provides information on the current state of solar thermal technology, and develops a scenario for where the solar thermal market could be by the year 2020. First, the study explains the most common and important elements of solar thermal technology in use today, such as the parabolic trough and central receiver.  Second, the existing global solar thermal market is evaluated by examining the output of the leading solar thermal countries.  Lastly, the study develops a picture of what the solar thermal industry could look like in 2020, assuming certain technological and political developments. For those interested in the future potential of solar thermal this study offers insight into what goals should be set and what it will take to meet them.

Author: Georg Brakmann, President, European Solar Thermal Industry Association Rainer Aringhoff, Secretary General, European Solar Thermal Industry Association

Date of Publication: 2003

Pages: 52

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