Solar thermal polygeneration system for cooling, fresh water and domestic hot water supply: Experimental analysis (2014)

In this paper, presented at the World Renewable Energy Congress of London of 3-8 August 2014, a solar-thermal poly-generation system for chilled water for air conditioning using absorption chiller, pure water with membrane distiller and domestic hot water by heat recovery is presented. 

The system is conceived to be used mainly in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to answer the increasing demand of these regions for air conditioning in buildings and fresh water. The paper includes a description of the system with a schematic lay-out and pictures of the solar thermal poly-generation unit. Technical data of absorption chiller and membrane distillation systems are also presented. 

The poly-generation system was operated in four different modes to properly assess the integration of different processes. Experiments show that co-generation of pure water and domestic hot water is useful in winter when cooling is not needed while during summer co-generation of cooling and desalination is more beneficial. 

Date: August 2014

Authors: Gowtham Mohan, Uday Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Andrew Martin

Pages: 8

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