Solar Thermal Ordinances: State of Art in Europe (2008)

This report, from 2008, produced by Intelligent Energy Europe, and integrated in the ProSTO project (Best Practice Implementation of Solar Thermal Obligations) makes an assessment of existing solar thermal ordinances (STO), using a total of 11 case studies in different countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Ireland and Portugal.

The document looks at ways of improving solar ordinances at the local level, from its conceptual development to its implementation process. It provides practical information, such as the parties involved in a STO, the phases of a STO process, recommendations for STO tools (context, baseline assessment, ordinance components, flanking measures and monitoring), together with success factors and common barriers identified in the case studies analysed.

According to the report, the success of solar thermal ordinance is 90% political and only 10% technical. Nonetheless, good quality technical specifications are crucial to prevent overregulation and bureaucracy.

Read the document here



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